Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Humiliation of Ian Gray

Poor old Ian Gray. As the Telegraph reports today, UK Health Secretary Andy Burnham has come out in favour of minimum pricing for alcohol. His proposals appear to be identical to the SNP's, although not surprisingly he has failed to admit that…..more surprisingly, though, he seems to have completely ignored the settled policy of his party in Scotland. You can imagine the conversation:-

Civil Servant: Er, minister, this minimum pricing thing, I wonder whether we should consult the Scottish Government?
Andy Burnham: No way. I nicked the idea from them.
Civil Servant : What about your Labour colleagues in Scotland?
Andy Burnham : I don't care what McConnell thinks.
Civil Servant : It's Ian Gray now.
Andy Burnham : Who?

What will Gray do now? Humiliated by his own party. Sole tactic appears to be opposing everything the SNP do, regardless of merit, with zero success. Can't make a dent in Salmond at FMQs or any other time. Lanarkshire labour mafia plotting against him. Jim Murphy interfering at every turn. Zero profile with the public. Labour about to lose Westminster.

Zero chance of victory in Scotland in 2011 unless they can somehow raise their game – which looks highly unlikely given the calibre of individuals on the Labour benches.

How much worse can it get?

R of S


  1. Oh, it can get much worse for Labour yet!

    I don't expect many seat changes in Scotland this May, but as Labour continually set out their stall as a solely Glasgow party, I think they might achieve that aim in May 2011

  2. Hi there,

    Yep, I look forward to anything that breaks us out of the old, sterile propaganda! The blogs have apparently become less fashionable of late. My guess is that's because it needs more radical minds in these times when war, poverty and state tyranny are becoming an accepted part of our reality!

    Thanks for taking the plunge.

    Alex Porter